New. Power. Distribution.

... lays bare the issues confronting European travel, tourism and hospitality, and outlines a roadmap for success in 2017 and beyond.

  • New. After years of "Are we there yet?", chats, bots and messaging are finding their sweet spot in travel. Voice assistants and AI threaten to unseat type, swipe and call as the way to get things done. Clinging to the tried-and-true is a sure-fire ticket to travel's trash heap. Just being open to change won't cut it anymore; suppliers and intermediaries need to innovate and make it happen.
  • Power. Europe's travel behemoths may be extremely well positioned, but don't kid yourself into capitulation ... or complacency. Major realignments are unfolding rapidly; Airbnb and Uber are no longer "alternative," Ryanair's got rooms, and legal rulings across the continent are taking away a bit of the big OTA's edge. Meanwhile, tour operators and traditional agents -- still relevant and reliable in Europe -- are reinventing themselves to stay in the game.
  • Distribution. With the search, shop, buy funnel stretched and twisted like never before, everyone's jostling to get closer to the transaction. Suppliers push direct bookings, mega OTAs continue to gobble up local competitors, and meta is muscling in on the money. What's next after Book on Google, and what will Facebook do to shake up the space in 2017? Make no mistake: Travelers will not be owned, and will book wherever they get the best deal, as long as it's fast, fun and personalized ... even (especially!) if it's on their phones.

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