The Relentless Rise of Europe’s Online Travel Intermediaries

Published April 2017

It’s been the defining debate in Europe’s growing digital travel landscape for the last decade or more: what has fueled the remarkable growth of online travel agencies (OTA), and what are the implications for hotels and the travel industry at large?   

European travelers have historically chosen a mix of online and offline sources to book their travel plans. Just as OTAs are gaining in the shopping phase, travelers across Europe are flocking to them to purchase accommodations.

This past year saw a huge shift to booking through a single channel – and online bookings spiked. This change is good news for online travel agencies. But behaviors vary across each of the markets in Europe, with unique shopping and booking tendencies in each region.  

Source: Phocuswright’s <a href="" target="_blank">European Consumer Travel Report Sixth Edition</a>
Source: Phocuswright’s European Consumer Travel Report Sixth Edition

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