Award(s): Runner-Up: Launch People's Choice Award
Ingrid Miller

Ingrid Miller

VP, GM Travel
Ingrid Miller has spent a decade leading advertising product management at travel sites including Expedia and KAYAK. Before getting into the travel industry, Ingrid's early career was spent at financial media companies, including Reuters and Institutional Investor, building their earliest online ad-supported businesses.

Product: MediaAlpha for Publishers; MediaAlpha for Advertisers
Category: Established Company
Founded Year: 2010
HQ: Los Angeles, CA U.S.
Principal(s): Steve Yi, CEO & Co-Founder; Eugene Nonko, CTO & Co-Founder; Ambrose Wang, Co-Founder
Funding: MediaAlpha has received investments from White Mountains Capital & Insignia Capital Partners.
Product Description: MediaAlpha operates the travel industry's first and only transparent, real-time bidding platforms for the programmatic buying and selling of travel search media. Through our groundbreaking MediaAlpha for Advertisers platform, we empower travel advertisers to bid programmatically for high-intent travel consumers across leading travel search and comparison sites on a source-transparent basis. For publishers, our MediaAlpha for Publishers platform is the industry's only true comparison ad-serving and supply-side platform that enables sellers to take full control over their cost-per-click travel search inventory, through either a private or open marketplace model, to optimize yield and maximize advertising revenue.
Business Model: We earn a revenue share from travel publishers using our comparison ad network to monetize their site traffic.
Competitors: Intent Media, ClickTripz, Google
Competitive Edge: MediaAlpha offers the only programmatic and transparent technology platform designed and built specifically for travel comparison advertising. In addition to the open exchange, we offer a standalone private comparison ad-serving platform for publishers who wish to sell comparison ads directly vs relying on our line-up of premium travel advertisers.
Market Opportunity: With Google moving more aggressively into travel offerings, SEM is becoming less efficient for many travel marketers. Comparison advertising networks have always been a powerful add-on or alternative to SEM because it is search-intent based and extremely efficient. By modernizing the current traditional opaque ad network model, MediaAlpha's transparent, programmatic comparison advertising exchange brings much-needed openness, efficiency and long-term viability to an already high-converting performance marketing channel for travel advertisers.
Early Customers: Syscanner, KAYAK, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia Group, LastMinute Group and many more.
Contact: Ingrid Miller, VP, GM Travel; [email protected]