Award(s): Runner-Up: Battleground Travel Innovator of the Year Award
Matthieu Ballester

Matthieu Ballester

CEO & Co-Founder
Matthieu launched Nannybag at 25 years old after having experienced the luggage problem himself. Coming from a leading business school in France and China, he only worked for 6 months in a company before falling for entrepreneurship.

Product: Nannybag
Category: Startup Company
Founded Year: 2016
HQ: Paris, France
Principal(s): Matthieu Ballester, CEO & Samir Senouci, CTO
Funding: First fundraising in 2017 and second fundraising in 2019.
Product Description: Nannybag is the largest luggage storage network and allows travelers to store their bags in partner hotels, stores and restaurants in more than 250 cities. Each partner merchant can monetize their vacant space and generate more traffic - and additional sales.
Business Model: B2C: Nannybag takes a commission on each transaction. B2B: Nannybag generates recurring monthly revenues.
Competitors: Station lockers and some companies are trying to compete and follow Nannybag in its development.
Competitive Edge: Nannybag is the world's largest luggage storage network. The company keeps more luggage than any of its competitors but Nannybag's strength is the value of its brand. That is why travelers prefer to book and repeat at Nannybag rather any other company in the sector.
Market Opportunity: Nannybag reaches the mass market, in fact almost all travelers. Nannybag is used at the beginning of a stay and at the end of a stay, in particular between the transport and the check-in/check-out of the accommodation. Our customers use Nannybag in the following situations: 1) Before the apartment check-in / after the apartment check-out; 2) Before the hotel check-in / after hotel check-out; 3) During a transit situation; 4) Because museums, cinemas, stadiums do not accept luggage.
Early Customers: More than 150K customers worldwide since its launch.