Maxim Sevastianov

Maxim Sevastianov

Maxim has extensive experience working with travel agents & GDS platforms. He is a fountain of knowledge in the post booking area. From hard experience, he is passionate about the digitalization of the post booking area and really understands how this can help companies develop and meet the new needs of the markets. He has an in-depth understanding of the geographical differences. Outside interests include hockey and playing the guitar (he was thinking about being a rock star)!

Event: 2022 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Trava (originally named Traveknowledgy)
HQ: Stockholm, Sweden
Principal(s): Founders: Maxim Sevastianov & Alexander Bekrenev. Tony Barker joined recently to help take it to the next exciting phase of growth.
Funding: Trava is privately owned and has grown organically. It has successfully grown through new customers & extending it’s geographies.
Product Description: A SaaS service providing no code solutions to enable the digitalization of the post booking processes and communication.

The web based service can integrate with other platforms (eg front end, mid office, mobile/ app, CRM etc.)
Business Model: Trial (POC) is free to show the potential. One single transaction per PNR when processed & a commission charge on the profit realized.
Competitors: Apart from the home-grown and GDS solutions, the main competitor is the travel agents' mindset and reluctance to embrace new technologies.
Competitive Edge: No-code automated processes with communication functions giving complete control, GDS agnostic & soon source agnostic. Post booking processes are more efficient. Profit creating & self service features combining a complete post booking solution for a reseller wishing to digitalize & communicate with their customers in a modern manner.
Market Opportunity: The market opportunity is very large. We aim to radically change the post booking area and digitalize an area that still largely works as it did in the 70’s. We digitalize the post booking area in terms of automating processes, maximizing profit on each PNR and digitally communicate in a personalized & dynamic manner to the traveller in an increasingly touchless manner.
Early Customers: UVET Nordic and RCG. We also saw the need to provide a no-code service as each company was different & needed customizations often. The service has gradually evolved meeting customer needs & is now a more encompassing digital solution.
Contact: Tony Barker, Business Development; ; +46 707 350 398