Amuda Goueli CEO

Amuda Goueli

Amuda Goueli, co-founder and CEO of Destinia, was born in no mans land, in Nubia (Egypt). He was raised in the desert until he was 8 years old, when he moved to El Cairo to study. Amuda holds an MBA degree from IE Business School and was designated an Expert Analyst in Tourism by the World Tourism Organisation in 2011. He is an inveterate entrepreneur and avid traveller.

Destinia is an international online travel agency based in Spain and with offices in Cairo, Dubai and Tehran. Founded in 2001, we are now 170 employees worldwide and 2 million clients has given us their confidence. We offer 500,000 hotels and 600 airlines, permitting reservations in over 30 languages. Destinia is among the top 5 OTAs in Spain and was the first European travel agency to accept Bitcoin payments.

As well as his experience with Destinia, Amuda’s background includes being a founder partner of other successful online travel-related portals such as Troovel, Onlinetravel, and Globalclick. He tries to bring his experience to help other companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs to generate business through digital commerce. His philosophy is "think big and act boldly".