Bobby Healy


Bobby Healy CTO
Bobby Healy, Chief Technology Officer at CarTrawler, is an experienced inventor, investor and technology entrepreneur specialising in travel technology. He began his career as a programmer building video games for Nintendo at 16 years of age with multiple billboard top 100 titles under his belt.

After selling his travel technology business – Eland Technologies – to industry giant SITA ( , Bobby joined CarTrawler as CTO in 2005 through a management buy-in and led the strategy and product development since its formation. CarTrawler is now by far the largest B2B provider of ground transportation ancillary products to the airline industry in the world and has been through two highly successful management buy-outs under his tenure.

Bobby continues to be an avid computer programmer and is a frequent speaker on the international circuit on subjects related to technology in the airline industry, ancillary revenue and online distribution.


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