Jochen Mundinger

Founder and Chairman
routeRANK Ltd.

Jochen Mundinger Founder and Chairman
Jochen Mundinger is Chairman of routeRANK Ltd. The technology company provides IT solutions in travel and mobility, in particular around door-to-door, multimodal route planning.

Solutions are personalized and integrated according to customers' and partners' use cases, both in business and consumer travel. In the over 12 years the technology has undergone over 150 product iterations with over 60 different versions set up - a unique experience worldwide.

Jochen has been recognized as a TR35 Innovator by MIT’s Technology Review and by ACTE's Global Awards, amongst others. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Prior to founding routeRANK he worked as a senior researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. He holds MA, MSc and PhD degrees in mathematics and network optimization from Cambridge University.