Fabio Cannavale

Co-Founder and CEO
lastminute.com Plc

Fabio Cannavale Co-Founder and CEO
Fabio Cannavale, 52 years old, born and bred in Milan, married to Vittoria and proud father of two young men. He graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in Engineering and then enrolled and got a masters degree in Business Administration at INSEAD Business School (France).

At the end of his academic career, he began his working life as a consultant for ATKearney and later on for McKinsey&Company.

Fabio’s three biggest passions? Sailing, travelling and to work and invest in new and emerging businesses.

In 1996 he decided to take some time off work and set sail with his wife towards the Caribbean, where he found lots of inspiration for his future career as entrepreneur. It was based on this very personal experience that he developed and created “The Floating Village”, the first company to sell exclusive boat holidays.

Over the last 15 years, born out of his passion for travel and personal interest in the online world, he co-founded first eDreams Italy and then volagratis.com. The quick success of the latter brought growth, internationalization and acquisitions that have helped to build lastminute.com group which now offers travel and leisure services to over 10 million travellers every year and it’s listed on the SIX Stock Exchange (Zurich).

In autumn 2017 Fabio founded Destination Italia, an online travel platform, with the only aim to help discover and enjoy Italy and its beauties to tourists from all around the world.

During the same year and together with Intesa San Paolo and Discovery Italia, Fabio and his non profit organisation lastminute foundation promoted B Heroes, a business journey for Italian start-ups with the goal to help grow and develop new ideas and companies in the Italian territory and bring extra attention to the social impact of these new potential businesses.

Fabio is also co-founder of Boost Heroes, a company that, with the help of its 40 members such as investors and business angels, invests in companies that have high potential but that are still in the first stages of their development.

Finally, being partner of some of the major Italian venture capital firms Dpixel, H-farm, Club Italia and Digital Magic, he follows new Italian start-ups with great interest. In the last few years he has either co-founded, invested or helped develop segugio.it, prezzibenzina.it, siamosoci.it, Dentalpro.it, brandonferrari.com e sailogy.com.