Will Plummer

Trust My Group

2023 Phocuswright Europe speaker

Will Plummer CEO
Trust My Group provides risk management solutions to Travel Merchants, Consumers and Services Providers to the travel trade through its three brands: Trust My Travel, Trust Protects.Me and TMU Management. By adopting a consumer approach, we want to contribute to a modernised financial protection industry that protects not only consumer monies but also every service provider, without multiple policies covering the same risk. All our solutions are data driven, ensuring we always have full visibility over all risk, and provide sufficient protection. Ensuring that, where possible, the traveller always travels is at the heart of everything we do.


Tuesday, June 13, 2023
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM CET

Breakout: Travel FinTech: Have We Only Just Seen The Beginning?

For decades, the travel industry has relied upon large scale institutional clearing houses in numerous geographies to pay each other and get paid. However, as globalisation has continued at pace, coupled with the ever-accelerating rise of digitalisation, these legacy solutions of the past are no longer keeping pace with the increasingly cross border, digital and global commerce needs of the industry. Step forward FinTech to help the industry merchandise their wares, access new markets and bring buyers and suppliers closer than ever before. So, have we seen the full potential of FinTech in Travel yet or is there much, much more to come? Our panellists will share their views on the potential FinTech in travel offers and the challenges in making sure that this potential is realised rapidly, effectively and securely.

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