In 2004, Bryan Xiao founded during his study in Hamburg, Germany. With 80 million+ registers, it has then been developed into the largest Chinese outbound travel platform. This platform offers travellers a wide range of customized products, including but not limited to Q-Community, Q-Destination and Q&A forums. These products provide travel-lovers all over the world with credible and useful travel information. Written by expert Chinese travellers, Q-Guidebook is our flagship product, keeping our users updated on all types of travel information. Q-Planner is an automated itinerary planning tool. Served as an e-commerce platform, Q-Mall offers our users a large variety of services such as flight and hotel booking, insurances, visa service, tours, flight tickets, local activities and customized trips. Already established in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Kyoto, Japan and Queenstown, New Zealand, Q-Home is our travellers’ center overseas. Our sub-brand JNE sells backpacks, apparels, and accessories that are especially designed for travellers.<br/>The majority of our users are well-educated and affluent Chinese middle-class travellers who are interested in customized travel services and enjoy travelling as a resource of inspiration and self-reward. The key philosophy of is to encourage and assist Chinese travellers in exploring the world in their own ways.