The existing distribution processes for individual travel packages are cumbersome and inefficient. They rely on outdated technologies which are unable to cope with the rapidly increasing demand for more individualisation in the global travel market. Today's consumers are looking for highly personalised travel plans that cover all their travel needs from transportation, accommodation to local experiences at a competitive price.
The Nezasa platform shifts the focus from the single component booking to the full itinerary, It gives the consumer a perfect tool to plan and book an entire trip with a few mouse clicks. Moreover, it allows to easily adjust a travel plan to a traveller’s preferences at any time. The whole planning process is supported by a high level of validation intelligence that ensures the consistency of the itinerary and handles a lot of underlying complexity such as making sure that products stay available when the timeline of the trip is being shifted, that connection times are feasible, or that there are no problematic gaps in any chain of transportation.
From a tour operator’s perspective, Nezasa TripBuilder is the first platform to allow mass customization of travels.