The Young Leaders Summit

27 June 2022

Each year, Phocuswright brings together the industry’s best and brightest travel leaders aged 35 and under to be part of this elite group of Phocuswright Europe participants.

The Young Leaders Summit at Phocuswright Europe is a launching pad for the next generation of travel luminaries to connect, debate and collaborate.

We created the Young Leaders Summit to recognize the brilliant minds shaping the future of the travel industry.

The Young Leaders Summit promotes executive management development among rising stars in travel, tourism and hospitality. The summit showcases the important role young leadership plays in the future growth of the world's largest industry.

A select group of young leaders interacts with the industry's best and brightest. Participation exposes this group to today's travel luminaries as a critical step to becoming the future leaders who will drive strategy, innovation and growth.

Acceptance into this elite program provides access to interactive sessions with successful industry executives, group discussions and more before the conference even begins. During the conference, the group will gather at private lunches for discussion of the day’s sessions and an additional mentor segment. Create a network of people that understand where you are in your career – the struggles to overcome and the successes you’re striving for.

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Eligibility Criteria

2021 General Program Information

The program information below is preliminary and subject to change.

Thursday, 24 June

Kick-Off and Interactive Session - 14:00 to 16:00 CET

The Young Leaders Summit convenes for the first time. Get to know your fellow stars during an interactive session.

Welcome Words - Aurélie Krau and Walter Buschta

Travel leaders stories - Creating opportunities out of chaos

Personal Development - Special Guest – Keynote: "How to be a badass at work and life!"

Activity - #WritingTheSequel - The Big Brainstorming Session, moderated by industry experts

Moderators and Speakers

Network with the rest of the class and meet with alumni. Discover their tips and secrets for a successful Young Leaders Summit. Interact with Phocuswright staff and start your conference planning.

Roundtable Discussions - 16:30 to 17:15 CET

Rub shoulders with industry leaders who will join the group and share their experiences as they climbed the so-called corporate ladder.

Industry Leaders / Mentors

Happy Hour - 17:15 to 18:00 CET

(Virtual) cocktails are served! Take a break from business (or not) and mingle with your newfound friends from across the industry.

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