The Enhanced Ticket will include research normally only accessible with an Open Access subscription (in addition to exclusive Industry Roundtables). The research is designed to inform strategy and provide insight on the European market as we approach the event.

European Market Updates:
Three individual reports for France, Germany and the U.K. are available pre-event as an added value to registered attendees of Phocuswright Europe. Each of these reports presents a high-level overview of the market, key developments in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and segment analysis including market sizing through 2020.

  • Germany Travel Market Update Summary (June 23, 2020)
    Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the German travel industry had recorded steady growth since 2012. However, beginning in March 2020, border closures and travel restrictions have severely impacted every travel segment, and both inbound and outbound tourism have been extremely limited.
  • France Travel Market Update Summary (June 30, 2020)
    Though 2019 was a challenging year for the French travel sector, with Yellow Vest protests and crippling general strikes, the industry was still relatively healthy. However, the coronavirus crisis turned the market upside-down, triggering an almost total shutdown of travel to, from, and within France.
  • U.K. Travel Market Update Summary (July 9, 2020)
    The novel coronavirus struck the U.K. later than many other European countries. Starting in March 2020, the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent lockdown measures implemented by the government began to have severe repercussions on the U.K. travel industry.

Road to Recovery: Traveler Intent in 2020 and Beyond (Sept 2020)
When the COVID-19 crisis began, more travelers chose to postpone their trips than cancel. Their optimism that the crisis would pass, and they would travel again is being borne out as countries where cases have declined significantly are starting to ease distancing norms and slowly open up for business. Cooped-up consumers can now start planning their trips. But will they prefer to stay close to home or will wanderlust take them to distant shores? What will their travel preferences look like? The answers to these – and other – questions can guide travel companies’ decisions on targeting, marketing and more. This project will be a consumer survey targeting the general adult populations in U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain who express their intent to travel for leisure.

The State of Travel Startups Interactive Database (Access Available Immediately):
Phocuswright has tracked the digital travel startup landscape for over a decade. During this time, the digital travel ecosystem has undergone tremendous transformation. Travel startups continue to raise greater amounts of funding, challenge the status quo and lead the wave of disruption globally. This interactive database – containing over 3,000 companies founded since 2005 – enables you to:

  • Sort and filter the list of companies by founded year, total funding, HQ country, HQ region, company status, business focus category, vertical category and horizontal category
  • Visualize aggregated data in interactive charts, including founding and funding trends over time, by region, by category, and by funding round type
  • Discover new companies and competitors in your region or segment
  • Uncover relationships between data points