Phocuswright Europe
18-20 May 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Join us in 2020 at the historic Beurs van Berlage.
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Phocuswright Europe 2020

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Phocuswright Europe delivers an unbeatable combination of compelling content, top­-tier attendees and an electrified atmosphere. It's where ideas are born, partners are found, strategies are honed and deals are done.

Empires on Edge

The 2019 Phocuswright Europe theme explored travel's Empires on Edge. Dominant and entrenched travel brands have aggregated the content, established the trust and amassed the war chests to defend against upstarts. They have acquired their way up the funnel, across the globe and into the trip experience. But sprawling empires fracture more easily than one might expect … these empires are on edge. Despite their commitment to constant innovation, they are prone to the perils of even bigger creatures, or more innovative upstarts. No matter your size, you still have to grow. The market demands it. For the dominant travel brands, what’s their next act? And who is waiting in the wings to be next?


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Program Highlights

Alt text New Experiences: How tours and activities disrupt the European tour operator market and challenge destination marketers.
Alt text Behind the Brexit Confusion: What happens when Europe's most powerful online travel market leaves the European Union?
Alt text The Direct Way: Airline distribution is more than just tech. Unravel the legal challenges and the quest for sustainable partnerships.


AbbasRehementulla Abbas

Phocuswright Europe is a great place to meet the right decision makers within the European travel market. Brilliant.


Bruno Laranjeiro Bruno
Amazing networking opportunities. The speakers were great and I met real decision makers. Attending Phocuswright Europe is mandatory for anyone operating in Europe.
Dave Ruane Dave
Phocuswright Europe is the most professionally run conference in this space. The mix of attendees, speakers and exhibitors was unique. I could organize meetings with contacts, prospects and partners within (and outside of) the confines of the conference center in two days – which would take months otherwise.