Phocuswright brings the travel industry’s latest wave of innovation to the stage at multiple events across the globe. At Phocuswright Europe, innovators battle for a shot at being crowned the EMEA Travel Innovator of the Year or winning the People's Choice Award.


Phocuswright Europe Battleground innovators demonstrate and face off with the Phocuswright Dragons, a collection of the industry’s most informed insiders. Battleground is the best place for innovators to demonstrate fresh ideas in front of potential investors, incubators and future partners.

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Innovation isn’t just for startups - established companies are breaking new ground and developing new technologies. This is the stage for demonstrators changing the travel landscape within established companies.

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Startup Kiosk Package
Startup Kiosk Package

To get the most out of your time at Phocuswright Europe, sign up for our Startup Kiosk Package. Take a look at what's included and why it's a good idea to invest. Limited space available!

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Find out how you can win travel's most coveted awards, from audience accolades to praise from the industry's toughest judges.

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Patron of Innovation

Phocuswright's Innovation Platform provides an extraordinary support system and exceptional network of companies to gain critical insight into the complex world of travel startups and technology.

We're pleased to present the following as an advocate of innovation across the travel industry:
Phocuswright Innovation Platform - Patron of Innovation: IBM

Phocuswright's Innovation Platform

Research, learning, networking, consulting

Benefit from Phocuswright's longstanding pedigree of tracking travel innovation. The Phocuswright Innovation Platform hosts the entire lifecycle of innovation, from a learning environment to the practical application of travel's next great product.

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Innovation by the numbers