Pere Vallès

Pere Vallès

Pere is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience leading tech companies. Previously, he was CEO of a global category leader in the software space (Scytl) and CFO of a Nasdaq-listed telecommunications company (GlobalNet). Pere has raised over €150M from top institutional investors throughout his career.

Event: 2019 Phocuswright Europe
Product: Exoticca
Category: Established Company
HQ: Barcelona, Spain
Principal(s): Pere Vallès, CEO; Jesus Rodríguez, President; Lluis Vidal, COO; Quim Mach, CMO; Lluis Ingles, CTO
Funding: Over €6M raised from top venture capital funds in Spain and the U.K.
Product Description: Exoticca designs long-haul tour packages that are optimized in terms of experience and price, in order to make them accessible and affordable to the general public. Exoticca has vertically integrated the value chain of tour packages and, leveraging on its destination experts, designs packages to over 100 long-haul destinations worldwide that offer a great experience at price points never seen before.
Business Model: Exoticca sells curated packages to over 100 destinations worldwide. Our destination experts design the products with our local partners in order to optimize them in terms of experience and price. These products are sold to the general public (most of them couldn't previously afford it) through our own website or through affiliates.
Competitors: Besides traditional travel agencies, Exoticca competes with other disruptors that propose different business models and target different demographics.
Competitive Edge: Exoticca's competitive edge is sustained by 2 pillars: 1) A unique proprietary technology that orchestrates multiple components to provide real time and availability; 2) A vertically integrated supply sourcing that allows Exoticca to 'curate' the products and offer best value packages.
Market Opportunity: The tour package space is ready for disruption as it has multiple layers of intermediation and is still 'controlled' by the traditional travel agencies. High-end travelers and DIY travelers are well served but they pay high prices in order to get a fully customized experience. The majority of travelers who are seeking to discover new amazing destinations with a limited budget are not well served by the incumbents.
Early Customers: Exoticca first launched in Spain and successfully replicated its model in five additional markets: U.K., France, Germany, U.S. and Canada.
Contact: Lluis Vidal, COO; [email protected]; +34 66 173 0347