FlyNow Aviation GmbH

FlyNow Aviation GmbH
Juergen Greil

Juergen Greil

Jürgen holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Working in various design and management roles in the aerospace and automotive industry (Opel, Porsche, BMW, GWM) for over 25 years he, inter alia, was responsible for innovative vehicle concepts. Within BMW's "project i," he was the driving force behind the i3 and i8. Jürgen holds a CPL & CHPL with instrument, and multi-engine ratings. He founded FlyNow in 2019.

Event: 2021 Phocuswright Conference
Product: Air Dolphin (Passenger), Air Jumper (Cargo)
HQ: Salzburg, Austria
Principal(s): Jürgen Greil, Dr. Markus Kampitsch, Jens Steingräber, Yvonne Winter
Funding: 1) Pre-seed: done; 2) Series A: first closing done 3) Series A: second closing ongoing
Product Description: 1) UAS family for Cargo & PAX; 2) Overhead-positioned, fixed-pitch highly aerodynamic efficient coaxial rotors for safe and comfortable passenger access; 3) Simple-tilting head thrust vectoring mechanism; 4) Easy ingress and egress into cabin and excellent visibility; 5) Real flight-time: 30 min; 6) Fail-safe counter-rotating direct-driven synchronous electric motors; 7) Stable flight characteristics due to low center of gravity; 8) Easy exchangeability and serviceability of the battery system; 9) Automatic conductive charging system.
Business Model: 1) Production of the drone and selling to operators; 2) Maintenance; 3) Operating the drone; 4) Data management
Competitors: In general, all UAM manufacturers, but no direct competitors known at the same price point in our market segment.
Competitive Edge: 1) Low Cost: 5x lower costs and price compared to next competitor. 2) Great Operability: Automatic fast-charge system, short turnaround times. 3) ROI: Less than two years after entering the market. 4) Environmental Impact: BIS in noise, energy consumption, resources/drone. 5) Ticket Price: Comparable to a taxi ride.
Market Opportunity: The FlyNow mobility concept aims at the broad public in urban areas. The combination of speed, comfort, safety and cost in direct comparison to existing traffic solutions is unparalleled. Tourist hotspots represent a very interesting use case worldwide. E.g.: Attractions in Paris are being visited by thousands of people per day and the distances are perfectly within 50km. Apart from saving time, the tourists can also enjoy the breathtaking views from above during the trips to the destinations.
Early Customers: 1) Cargo in harbours and other locations with difficult infrastructure, 2) Personal transport in touristic places with external operators
Contact: Juergen Greil, CEO;; +43 650 520 6366