Award(s): Winner: Summit: EMEA People's Choice Award
Ari Andricopoulos

Ari Andricopoulos

Ari Andricopoulos holds a Ph.D. in option pricing and 15 years creating trading algorithms as partner in two hedge funds. His father has a 15-room B&B in England and Ari could see his pricing was wrong. With a strong automation background, he wanted to automate everything like in the hedge fund. In 2017, Ari started RoomPriceGenie to make automated pricing accessible to every hotel. His father made £50k more in the first year.

Event: 2021 Phocuswright Europe
Product: RoomPriceGenie
HQ: Steinhausen, Switzerland
Principal(s): Ari Andricopoulos, Marvin Speh, Joerg Siegel
Funding: Pre-seed round completed mid-2019. Seed round in completion now.
Product Description: Automated revenue management for non-experts is not simply revenue management for large hotels with a nicer interface! It is a total reimagining of everything from algorithm to user experience to onboarding. We have a two-minute self-setup vs. weeks and $$$. Our prices are intuitive to understand and easy to control, not black-box. Our UX is constantly tested to make sure it is easily understandable. We created a Hotel Tech Academy and a "revenue management by email" product to get people started.
Business Model: Monthly subscription, minimum $179 per month for our main plan. Hotels typically make 15-20% more revenue so it gives huge value for them. This value is reflected in 97% recommendation score on HTR, almost zero churn, 95% of hotels on autopilot. We are looking to scale through both sales and partnerships with PMSs and channel managers.
Competitors: Our main competitors would be RMS for larger hotels but mostly we are in a blue-ocean market where competition is client apathy!
Competitive Edge: The first and only fully-automated hotel revenue management for ordinary people! Two-minute self-setup. Unique, highest quality algorithm, even with little data. Intuitive pricing and UX; for anyone from total beginner to cluster revenue manager. Full automation – 95% of clients on full auto-pilot.
Market Opportunity: There are hundreds of thousands of independent hotels, serviced apartments, etc. that don't have a revenue manager but are really losing out to revenue-managed hotels. The rise of OTAs, comparing all hotels on price, is exacerbating this inequality. Standard RM software, built for larger hotels, is too complex and expensive. AirBnB pricing software is not good for multiple units. This is a solution built for that huge market-segment that has been ignored so far.
Early Customers: Independent hotels (most < 60 rooms), small chains, multiple-serviced-apartments. Business people, who want good pricing and control.
Contact: Ari Andricopoulos, CEO; [email protected]; +44 795 878 4328