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Award(s): Winner: Launch: EMEA People's Choice Award
reTravel Technologies Ltd
Revital Kristal

Revital Kristal

Revital has 16 years of experience leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams and projects. She completed her first and second engineering degrees at the Technion, Israel Technology Institute. In recent years, Revital worked as VP of product in few SaaS companies, leading products from seed to growth. She worked closely with travel agencies in her last position at Atriis and is well aware of their pains and gains.

Event: 2021 Phocuswright Conference
Product: reTravel
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
Principal(s): Revital Kristal, Nir Gurevich
Funding: Self-funded company
Product Description: reTravel is an autonomous up-selling and cross-selling service for the travel industry designed to maximize travelers' value. We have developed an engine that orchestrates multi-channel messaging and campaigns targeting the traveler, offering the right product ... through the right channel ... at the right time.
Business Model: Mainly based on revenue sharing (between reTravel and the travel company) on every successful up-sell or cross-sell done through a reTravel engagement.
Competitors: Journera, Grapevine, tools developed by in-house R&D teams, other retention marketing tools (not designed for the travel industry)
Competitive Edge: We are a fully autonomous, multi-channel, end-to-end solution for the travel industry with a simple 10-minute onboarding process. Our customers are using tools that are either not designed for the travel industry or require too much grunt work to make them work. We are integrated to both booking and post-booking processes, giving real-time offers.
Market Opportunity: In this post-COVID-19 world, the travel industry is in search of new ways to optimize and increase revenues and loyalty. Revenue sharing and out-of-the-box integration is the ideal commercial model for them.
Early Customers: OTAs and TMCs in Europe
Contact: Revital Kristal, CEO;