Mizuho Hiraguri

Corporate Development
Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mizuho Hiraguri Corporate Development
Mizuho joined corporate development of Recruit Company in 2012. It owns and operates several search engines and booking platforms in travel, restaurant, beauty&salon, real estate, wedding sector and so on. They are also parent company of Indeed Inc. the world No,1 job search platform.

She focuses on topics such as transaction platforms, SaaS, mobile and online multinationals as well as equity funding for later staged ventures, internationalization and business extension, across the travel, restaurant and beauty&salon technology sector.

Currently she led the acquisition of Trustyou, and as a strategic investor, she is on the boards of multinational restaurant technology companies. During her career, Mizuho lived and worked in 3 countries within 3 years including experiences at World Employment Confederation former Ciett in Brussels.