Aaron Gowell

Co-Founder and Chief Conductor
SilverRail Technologies

Aaron Gowell Co-Founder and Chief Conductor
Aaron is a technology entrepreneur and the Chief Conductor of SilverRail, who are building the digital infrastructure for the global rail industry. He is a big believer in rail’s humanitarian benefits and is excited by the challenge of getting more people using trains.

SilverRail are a band of product engineers, mathematicians and e-commerce experts with 1,428 years of rail experience spread across three continents. Last year, their search and booking platforms powered over 1B rail searches and 25M transactions globally. They are proud to work with some of the largest travel brands in the world.

Prior to founding SilverRail, Aaron built and sold National Leisure Group (NLG), worked at Bain and Company and was a founding member of General Catalyst Partners, a leading VC in online travel.