Sean Farrell

Portfolio Director, Passenger Processing & Self Service

Sean Farrell Portfolio Director, Passenger Processing & Self Service
Based in the Netherlands, Sean Farrell has over 25 years of experience at the forefront of innovation in the Air Transport Industry. He is one of the leading global experts on how technology can be used to improve both passenger journeys and security at airports and on the borders.

He has held many roles at SITA. Until 2016, he was the global head responsible for SITA’s border management products. Sean now heads up SITA’s Self Service & Passenger Processing portfolio, where he is focused on bringing to life SITA’s vision for the seamless travel journey, enabled by mobile and biometric technology. In this role he has global responsibility for SITA’s self-service products, which includes the kiosk, bag-drop and eGate products used by SITA’s over 400 airport customers as well as their many airline, government and security stakeholders.


Tech Talk: SITA

Biometric technology is becoming an accepted part of the journey for travelers in more parts of the world. Hear from Sean Farrell on how this technology is being used; how airlines, airports and government agencies are collaborating to deliver a secure and seamless journey; and what passengers really want. Sean explores some of the opportunities and obstacles faced along the way and how other technologies like blockchain could play a part to deliver easy travel every step of the way.