Kolin Schunck

Research & Intelligence Analyst
Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Kolin Schunck Research & Intelligence Analyst
An experienced research and intelligence analyst in travel and mobility tech, Kolin is with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Berlin, the unit responsible for the new digital business of the Lufthansa Group. He has a passion for the future of mobility topics or as he terms it "The New Transport Economy". He creates deep data-driven research on the technological forces shaking up aviation, such as air taxis, electric aircraft, drones, sustainable aviation fuel, and supersonic jets. Before joining the LIH, Kolin gained extensive experience in innovation and intellectual property working for a leading European aircraft manufacturer.

In his role as an analyst, he is passionate about crunching and analyzing unconventional data from a variety of perspectives to derive valuable insights, bringing him ahead of the curve. His mantra is: Data Beats Opinion.

Kolin is an international speaker with appearances at conferences in the U.S. and Europe. He is also a publisher of multiple research articles, with an upcoming special report on the state of urban air mobility.