TripStack is a fast growing B2B Travel Technology company based in downtown Toronto Canada, whose vision is to change the way millions of people travel.
The TripStack technology is a comprised of 2 products: EFOE – “Every Flight on Earth” and TripBuilder.
The EFOE product provides our customers with fast access to all of the worlds Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) that are not available via traditional distribution channels in a single API.
TripBuilder uses the EFOE fares and over 100M fares a day from traditional airlines to create “Virtual Interline” fares that that have never existed before. These fares are often significantly cheaper than any other flights offered in the world. This is an incredibly complex problem to solve, with one of the biggest data sets in any industry.
With the rise of the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) market, now representing 30% of all airline tickets sold, TripStack was founded to fill a significant gap in the LCC airline consolidation market. This is achieved by providing travel companies with access to over 200 LCCs globally, combined with unique Virtual Interline flight itineraries, through a single product offering.
Our customers are any company in the world that sell flights. These two products working together provide our customers with the ability to offer their customers unique flight content, at the lowest prices.
TripStack currently has 88 employees in Canada and India, with a plan to be at 219 employees by the end of 2019.