Innovation Summit: EMEA

28 June 2021

Startups are the lifeblood of any industry. Technology, innovation and progress are made possible due to the efforts of small teams working around the world and their ability to disrupt long-held industry dynamics and beliefs.

The travel industry was in the middle of a boom of innovation until the pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020. Aside from the recent developments, the landscape as a whole continues to innovate at an enormous pace - innovation is far from being at a standstill.

There is a tremendous amount of talent within the founders and founding teams of the current travel technology landscape. New methods for distribution, transportation, the way we enable travel and shared resources are still creating an active landscape for travel startups to grow in.

Through a continuous exploration of the industry at large and their focus on startups, Phocuswright's expert analyst team invites six companies to present at the Phocuswright Innovation Summit: EMEA. These six highly qualified companies highlight the innovations we believe are poised for major breakouts in the next year and beyond.

Join Phocuswright Europe to see the six companies chosen to take the stage for a five-minute pitch and a heated discussion with the Dragons. See how those disruptors impact the market, the influence of innovative new technologies and business models entering the scene, and get inspiration for innovation in your own business.

Summit at Phocuswright Europe


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