Expedia Group believes allyship is a catalyst for change, whether it is engaging in the conversation, developing your own mindset or the mindset of others, and ultimately being part of a culture where everyone is welcome and feels they can succeed. Expedia Group defines "ally" as any person who wants to take action for the equality of a marginalized group that they're not a part of, and they credit the video “5 Tips for Being an Ally” featuring @chescaleigh for this definition. And while "ally" is traditionally used as a noun, we now need to think about it as a verb. Allyship isn’t an identity, but an action. By being an ally, and specifically by understanding your own privilege and actively taking action to support others, you can create more inclusive workspaces and communities. In other words, being an ally is something you do ... and not something you are. And the best part? Allyship is something that everyone can practice. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.